Hate Movie Downloads? Stream Movies Online Through MegashareInstead

Downloading is a common practice of every internet user. Downloading allows users to save files locally and access it even during the absence of an internet connection. We can download pictures, music, documents, programs and several other file types easily from the internet.

But when it comes to movies, downloading is a thing of the past. The problem arises between the two because movies are inherently large files which take time to download. Any interruptions during the download process will either corrupt the file in which you need to repeat the download again or you will not be alerted about the unfinished file. You might up watching a movie without ending! Downloading will also require keeping the required free memory space on your hard drive.

The Alternative Of Movie Downloads: Online Movie Streaming

If you want to enjoy watching movies online but do not want to go through the hassle of long downloads then you should stream movies instead. Streaming and downloading are similar processes with both involving transmitting information from a provided to an end user. But streaming will allow you to watch the movie through a browser-based multimedia player. Even though your browser has not received the complete movie file you can already start watching the first part of the movie. Your browser will continue streaming the movie file to your browser as you watch your film.

Currently, there are several online movie websites which specialize in streaming movies. Although some of the best websites will charge membership fees or payments to watch movies, there are still great streaming websites that are completely free. Megashare9 is a free online streaming website which allows users unlimited access to their vast collection of high-quality movies. You no longer need to settle on waiting for your movie to completely download. Get your movie as soon as possible by streaming movies online.

Remake Movies That Shook The World – Solarmovie

There are many good Hollywood films which can be traced back 2 or 3 decades ago. Back then, because of the lack of technology, the films are actually pathetic when they use a lot of effects to the scene. The Superman is a good example where you see the late Christopher Reeve flies around New York while you can simply determine he was actually standing. Unlike the Superman Returns available from  solarmovie sc, here you can see a lot of movie effects as Brandon Routh caught the plane in midair, flies up to the earth’s atmosphere, and regains his strength from the sunlight.

Great Films Remake – King Kong

Perhaps the famous monster movie of them all is KingKong which was released back in the late 60’s Just imagine how the filming industry did so when it comes to the Empire State Building. The 3D effects and graphics are so fantastic including the scene where the great ape fell from the building. This is one heck of a job where the filmmaker included dinosaurs and gigantic insect effects.

Beauty And The Beast

Another film would take you back in time where your fantasy becomes a reality. One of the greatest Disney hits, Beauty and the Beast was a very spectacular movie. In fact, the Disney film used great 3D effects back then in the dance scene. But wait until you see the remake starring the drop-dead gorgeous Harry Potter star, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Don’t forget Jack Black by the way because even though he is a villain, he really rocked the house.

IT – Horror FIlms

One of the scariest films of all time is “IT” – this is a clown evil looking creature from hell who wants to deceive children. This was a supernatural horror film by Stephen King back in 1988 and now, it was brought back to life. For the generation Z, you don’t want to missed this film.




movie streaming With Different Movie Genres

Streaming movies online do certainly have its perks. When you stream a movie online it enables you to go and watch a movie at any time and at any place you would like making the experience very convenient. You also don’t have to go to your neighbors or your local movie store in order to go and buy or rent a certain movie as you can always view your movies by just going on the internet and searching any search engine out there. Although one of the biggest perks out there is probably the idea of streaming movies can be free, and even though it is certainly free the quality of the movie is still very good and is almost as good if not as good as your regular DVDs.

Different Movie Genres

There are a huge collection of movies out there that are available when you are yesmovies online, they can be of a different length of time, different qualities and also different genres which is a good option to have because every one of us is different and also might be having different moods. Certain genres are designed for certain moods and certain people to enjoy, some genres can make you feel happy while some can make you feel sad, which can many times very beneficial as you can influence your mood like as if you are a robot.

The most viewed genres out there, however, are thriller genres, these types of genres make you feel a certain thrill as you watch the movie, they always depict a certain problem that is designed to excite the viewers in a certain way. These movie subgenres are:

Mystery Movies

Movies that give you a certain event or problem that is hard to explain and can sometimes even be downright straight from a fantasy movie.

War Movies

These movies are filled with conflicts and drama. A lot of people love to watch movies like this because these movies depict acts of heroism and nobility that seems to lack in the world that we live in today.

Science Fiction Movies

These Movies are for the people who like movies that give you a certain thrill coming from imaginary advanced scientific situations such as time machines, multiverse portals and the like.